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Bienvenue a Santa Barbara! A Glorious Gift Basket!

Bienvenue a Santa Barbara! A Glorious Gift Basket!
By Jean-Michel Carre on Oct 26, 2018 in in In The News , Events

“Welcome!” Jill Marie says as I sit down at the mahogany tables at the back of the Santa Barbara shop.
“Make yourself at home!” I feel especially welcome because I am looking at the beautiful new


Avocado Truffles! A Visit with Chocolatier Jean-Michel Carré

By Jean-Michel Carre on Sep 26, 2018 in in In The News , Events

If you are like me, you saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a child and dreamed of one day being given that golden ticket to witness the magic of chocolate making. Well, today is the day. I’ve been given the golden ticket. Jean-Michel has welcomed me to his shop in Carpinteria to witness the making of his sublime chocolates.



I was very happy with my experience at Chocolats du Calibressan. I purchased four truffles and a cookie to eat in their shop and took a seat at the counter overlooking the street. The chocolates were each extremely fine and well flavored. I would compare them favorably to any other high end truffles in Santa Barbara. I especially liked that I got a little truffle/menu card with my plate so I could browse their selections afterward and be better prepared next time to make appealing selections. I realize this probably means they don't change their flavors very often, but the ones I tried were very good and I wouldn't mind being able to expect they be there each time I visit. Prices are fair for the quality, service, location and décor. The young woman that helped me was very enthusiastic, upbeat and professional. The shop was clean, well lit and was not cramped inside. It has a very nice atmosphere and feel. The location is easy to find right on State street and there is some street parking nearby.
Erin K.
Ojai, CA