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Curry Coconut Truffles: A Chocolatier’s Pride and Joy

Curry Coconut Truffles: A Chocolatier’s Pride and Joy
By Jean-Michel Carre on Oct 10, 2018 in in Fine Chocolate , In The News , Santa Barbara Chocolates

I can admit that when I see a candy wrapped in gold foil, my inner child gets excited and I remember Christmas treats given as gifts, that delight of unwrapping something unknown, but hoping most of all to find chocolate inside. And Jean-Michel’s curry coconut truffle, wrapped in gold foil, will not disappoint you on that count



Oh yum. I walked in here as if my feet were powered by some unknown force. Chocolates were beautiful!!! I tried several and my favorite was the passionfruit caramel- just divine. The coffee was good, but the chocolate! They also have terrific marketing chocolates- that can be made with your business' logo which are very elegant. Yummy treat and adorable spot ( like most things in SB). Next time I will plan to bring some home. Oh- they also have gelato! :-)
Sonj H.
Santa Monica, CA